On January 13, 2020, Safe Harbor & Cohasset PSO presented a special screening of SCREENAGERS: Next Chapter-Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience. This film examines the science behind teen’s emotional challenges, the interplay of social media, and most importantly, what can be done in our schools and homes to help them build crucial skills to navigate stress, anxiety, and depression in our digital age. We have provided some facts and resources below to help parents find solutions to help their Screenagers.

Cohasset Wellness Survey Results:

Common Sense Census: Media Use by Tweens & Teens

Provided by Common Sense Media, 2019

The New Normal: How Devices Affect Daily Life


Safe Harbor (www.safeharborcohasset.org/resources)

Follow this link for more information on Screentime Resources. www.safeharborcohasset.org/screentime-resources

Our website also provides additional resources including mental health, substance misuse, and parent conversation starters than can be found by visiting our resource page here: www.safeharborcohasset.org/resources

Common Sense Media (www.commonsensemedia.org)

This website offers a wealth of information regarding screen time, social media, and its impact on our children. The site also offers answers to questions often asked by parents of children of all ages regarding digital media use. 

Screenagers The Movie (www.screenagersmovie.com)

This website provides information about topics including mental health, internet addiction, school policies and more to help support teenagers growing up in the digital age.


In Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER, we follow Dr. Delaney Ruston as she finds herself at a loss on how to help her own teens as they struggle with their emotional wellbeing. She sets out to understand these challenges in our current screen-filled society, and how we, as parents and educators, can empower teens to overcome mental health challenges and build emotional agility, communication savvy, and stress resilience. 

MOVIE TRAILER: https://www.screenagersmovie.com/nc-trailer