Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition’s “Our Safe Home” campaign is about addressing the issues of youth access of alcohol in the community, which involves parents, guardians, merchants, and youth themselves. Parents pledge their commitment to joining other parents in providing a fun, safe, and substance-free environment for our children. Merchants pledge to comply by following the law and regulations, to not sell alcohol to young people under 21 years old. Youth are increasing awareness of the issue by talking to adults in their community. (Learn more about Social Host Liability HERE.)

We recognize that we cannot supervise our teens 24/7, nor can we always control the choices they make. However, we will do our part to discourage underage drinking and we will do our best to help each other support and monitor our teens. 


Parents & Local Merchants, Our Safe Home Directory, established in 2021, is an opportunity to share your commitment to provide a safe space for youth in our community.


Please consider displaying this downloadable PDF in your home to show others you are providing a safe space for your children and the youth of our community!

Please watch this 2 minute video clip where Safe Harbor Program Director, Nicole Balaschi talks about the Our Safe Home campaign.