Evelyn Dickey and Kira Jamieson from the Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition are members of the Statewide Leadership Team of The 84 Movement, a movement of youth fighting tobacco and vape in Massachusetts.   In October, they played key leadership roles in the annual Youth Power Summit at UMass Medical Center in Worcester. 

The Youth Power Summit gives youth from all over the state a chance to learn together and prepare for the year ahead.  Pictured is Kira Jamieson helping to lead the opening session where she discussed how the tobacco industry targets people of color.  In workshops the youth learned about types of racism, the history of tobacco and racism, and how fixing the system of racism for those negatively impacted benefits everyone.  Evelyn Dickey is pictured helping to lead a lunchtime activity exploring tobacco facts. 

The Summit ended with discussions about how the youth plan to address tobacco and racism in their communities.  Both youth are Safe Harbor Youth Ambassadors who attended the Summit with other Ambassadors Casey Nichols and Noah McDowall accompanied by advisor Chris Colleran. 

Photos by Gretchen Ertl. 

For more information about the Youth Ambassadors Program, please CLICK HERE.