On Wednesday, January 29th,  Safe Harbor Youth Ambassadors JP Giglio, Samantha Kearney, Bella Kearney, Casey Nichols, Mateo Reyes, and Calvin Spear took the stage at the Osgood school to present Samantha Skunk: Medicine Safety to grades Pre-K through 2. Youth leaders Kira Jamieson, Evelyn Dickey, Morgan Sile, and Margaret Curley assisted the performers. In this presentation’s story, Samantha Skunk has tried medicine that wasn’t hers and it has caused her to turn from her beautiful unique magenta color to a sickly green.

Cohasset Youth Ambassador Performances By:

  • Samantha Kearney (grade 8)- Magenta Samantha
  • J.P. Giglio (grade 7)- Green Samantha
  • Mateo Reyes (grade 8)- Solomon
  • Casey Nichols (grade 8)- Narrator 1
  • Bella Kearney (grade 8)- Narrator 2
  • Calvin Spear (grade 8)- Narration card holder
  •  Morgan Sile (grade 11), Kira Jamieson (grade 11), Evelyn Dickey (grade 10), Margaret Curley (grade 12)- Youth Ambassador Leaders and skit assistants

Core learning points of this presentation are:

  • Someone else’s medicine might be bad for you
  • Never give yourself medicine
  • If you find medicine – tell an adult.

For more information, please visit www.samanthaskunk.com