On Tuesday, June 7, 2022, Safe Harbor held our last coalition meeting of the 2021-22 academic year. We reflected upon the 5-years of successes due to funding received through the federal grant Drug-Free Communities, as well as recognized champions of our community.

Program Director, Nicole Balaschi, recognized 5 coalition members as Community Champions of Prevention: Brian Scott (Cohasset Public Schools), Meaghan James (Paul Pratt Memorial Library), Pastor Karen Bailey-Francois (Second Congregational Church), Annemarie Whilton (Parent Advocacy), and Kevin McCarthy (Civic Advocacy).

Safe Harbor also recognized Cohasset Police Department as the Prevention Partner for outstanding dedication to environmental and policy prevention efforts.

“I ask that we continue to work hand-in-hand as a community, that we continue to think outside the box, that we continue to collaborate, that we continue to communicate, for without communication, we are presented with massive gaps in our strategies in addressing underage substance use and adulthood addiction. I ask that you remember that as separate organizations and departments and individuals, we are all working towards the same exact mission, to foster a strong and inclusive community.”

-Nicole Balaschi, Program Director, Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition