On October 28, 2020, Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition & Health Imperatives Inc. hosted a free webinar: Relationships & Substances.

Please CLICK HERE to watch or download a recording of the webinar.

Passcode: ^^Gbtt*2 

During This Webinar, Presenters:

  • Defined Components of Healthy Relationships & Components of Unhealthy Relationships
  • Identified Red Flags for Toxicity in Relationships
  • Identified Indicators that Substance Use is Playing an Unhealthy Role within the Relationship
  • Provided Resources for Support around Use of Substances & Relationship Support


Katharine Tyler has a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Boston College and is licensed as a Mental Health Counselor in the state of Massachusetts. At Health Imperatives, Katharine acts as the Vice President of Violence Intervention and Prevention.

Brittany Badgett has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University. At Health Imperatives, Brittany serves as the Youth & Community Services Manager on the side of Violence Intervention & Prevention.