Registration for the 2023-24 Cohasset Youth Ambassadors program is no longer open. Please direct any questions to

Thank You South Shore Music Circus! 

We are thrilled to share that the South Shore Music Circus Community Trust Committee has voted to award Safe Harbor a 2023 South Shore Playhouse Associates Grant!  

This grant will be used to help fund Youth Ambassadors Program educational campaigns and staffing. Thank you South Shore Music Circus for continuing to support Cohasset youth!


Cohasset Youth Ambassadors (CYA) is a program under the umbrella of Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition.  This youth-led program builds leadership skills, raises awareness around health issues affecting the Cohasset community, and facilitates lasting peer relationships. This program is open to all students in grades 7-12 who attend Cohasset Public Schools, or live in Cohasset and attend private schools outside of Cohasset.


This is a great opportunity for students to encourage good choices for their peers, while demonstrating leadership. Projects, presentations, health education, community service,  while encouraging substance misuse prevention will give participants knowledge and skills for life.

PERKS! Your positive leadership is rewarded with some pretty amazing perks such as scholarship opportunities, discounts at local retailers and more! See below for more details!!!

Check out this short video created by Youth Ambassador Payton Kondrat, featuring Youth Ambassadors discussing why they joined and what they love most about being part of the Coalition!


Weekly meetings will take place at the Paul Pratt Memorial Library Meeting room on Wednesdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm.


Calvin Spear

Hello, my name is Calvin Spear and I am currently a senior (2023-24) attending Boston College High School. I am an aspiring body builder who loves going to the gym with my friends and I am a huge fan of Marvel Comics. This upcoming fall will be the start to my fifth year with Safe Harbor and my first year as a youth leader. I am very excited to continue working with my peers and community on our journey to creating a safer and smarter Cohasset. I hope to further grow and share my knowledge on Substance Abuse as I enter this new school year as a youth leader of Safe Harbor.

Noah McDowall

Hello, all! My name is Noah McDowall, and I currently attend Cohasset High School as a senior (2023-24).  I moved from Canada to Cohasset in 2018, and have enjoyed the sense of community and comradery it has offered. I currently have the honor of serving as a Youth Leader, allowing me to strive to better the community which has given me so much. I hope to utilize my unique position to benefit Cohasset, by using Safe Harbor’s data resources to educate youth, encourage greater emphasis on mental health, and pursue a holistic approach to substance use prevention. I hope with the help of my fellow Youth Ambassadors, to make a profound impact on the current and future generations of Cohasset youth.

Samantha Kearney

Hi! I’m Samantha Kearney and I’m a senior at Cohasset High School (2023-24). I’ve lived in Cohasset my whole life and this is my 5th year of Safe Harbor. I am excited to continue my work as a Youth Leader and look forward to working with new and familiar faces to help improve the substance misuse problems in our community.

Laila Al Rashid

Hello, my name is Laila Al Rashid and I am a senior (2023-24) at Cohasset High School. This will be my third year in the CYA program and I can’t wait to continue working with all of the ambassadors and writing bi-weekly articles with the Anchor to create a positive impact in and around Cohasset. As a Youth Leader, I look forward to another year of collaboration with our community to protect the environment, combat substance misuse, and improve mental health in our town!

Aydin Tiryaki

Hello, my name is Aydin Tiryaki, and I am currently a junior (2023-24) at Cohasset High School. I have lived in Cohasset my entire life and this is my third year participating in Safe Harbor’s Youth Ambassadors Program. I am excited to be a Youth Leader this year and continue to work with my peers and our community. I look forward to continuing progress in promoting a greater focus on mental health, helping to preserve the environment, and spreading substance abuse awareness in Cohasset.

Jack Kearney

Hi! I’m Jack Kearney and I’m a junior (2023-24)at Cohasset High School. I’ve lived in Cohasset all of my life. This will be my fourth year as a Youth Ambassador. Outside of Youth Ambassadors, I love to run and truly enjoy being a “man of the people”. 

2023-24 Youth Leaders In Training

Sari Reyes

Hello! I’m Sari Reyes, a freshman at CHS. I’m hoping to bring more awareness in mental health and help our community and am excited about this leadership experience.

Max Fernald

Hello, I am Maxwell Fernald and I am currently a junior (2023-24) at Cohasset High School. This is my second year at Safe Harbor, and my first year as a youth leader in training. Working with the Safe Harbor Youth Ambassadors and other Safe Harbor councils, I hope to elevate awareness and therefore educate about local substance abuse issues and the connection to mental health. I look forward to working with like minded individuals while making an impact in the coming years.


Our Minds Matter is a student-led movement to change the culture around mental health. Cohasset Youth Ambassadors volunteered to become a chapter of this group. Once a month, Youth Ambassadors dedicate a meeting to Our Minds Matter activities. Evelyn, our Junior youth leader, facilitates these activities.  

To learn more about the Our Minds Matter Movement, please visit their website


The Youth Data Analytics Committee (YDAC) is a group of Cohasset Youth interested in collecting data to uncover patterns and provide statistical data to help promote healthy lifestyles for youth. Some examples of YDAC projects are:

  • Creating Surveys
  • Designing Infographics
  • Producing Fact Sheets
  • Giving Presentations

For more information about the YDAC or to join, please CLICK HERE.


Get rewarded just for doing the right thing!!! Thank you to our local businesses who have offered these great perks to our Youth Ambassador Program members.  Youth Ambassador ID Required.  

Christine Murphy Scholarship: Two $1000 Awards Annually

The Christine Murphy Scholarship will be awarded to Safe Harbor Youth Ambassadors that have successfully completed the application, have demonstrated acts of leadership, display a passion to reduce substance use and mental health stigma, ignite conversation, and change the culture around substance use.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more!

Seabird Coffee & Co: 20% off entire order with ID.

PHIA Boutique 10% off purchase w/ presented Youth Ambassadors ID.

Peel Pizza: 20% off with Youth Ambassadors ID

Atlantic Bagel: 1 free bagel w/ cream cheese w/ Youth Ambassadors ID. Limit 1 per person per day.

Lenny’s Hideaway: Free fountain soft drink with any purchase. Youth Ambassadors ID required.