We would like your permission to list your name as a member of a network of Cohasset families & businesses who took the pledge to participate in the Our Safe Home Directory, and other related publications. (Cohasset residents & businesses only)

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This document is not a contract and no consideration has been given by any party or entity which has elected to sign this document. It is understood that any parent, guardian, family member, or any other party or entity, who voluntarily chooses to participate in Our Safe Home Directory program, does so in order to express a collective desire to provide a safe, substance-free environment for our community’s children, while simultaneously acknowledging that no program, effort, or treatment is ever able to guarantee any particular result or environment. This document does not create any duty of care or enforceable substantive or procedural rights of any type, and no individual, entity, or perceived beneficiary shall rely upon or interpret any portion of this document as establishing any rights or remedies of any type whatsoever.