Ground Level Café-Cohasset Teen Coffee House holds monthly open mic nights for Cohasset Teens in grades 7-12.

Students are welcome to perform, listen to music, play games, sip coffee, enjoy treats and socialize with friends.  Ground Level Café takes place on Fridays from 7-9pm one time per month during the academic year, at the Cohasset Recreation’s Barn in Cohasset Village (behind the Red Lion Inn) at 55R South Main Street.

Find us on Facebook!  On the Ground Level Café Facebook page, you will find up to date pictures from some amazing emerging talent in Cohasset! Check us out!

Please visit our Events Calendar for dates of our upcoming Ground Level Café open mic nights!

Rules of Participation

  • All participants of Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition sponsored events are expected to show respect to the staff, facility, volunteers and each other. Each participant will be held responsible for his or her actions and behavior. Uncooperative participants may be required to leave.
  • Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products are not allowed within the facility or on the grounds. Anyone in attendance or attempting to enter who is under the influence or in possession of alcohol, illegal drugs or illicit substances will be asked to leave. Parents and/or police will be notified.
  • Weapons and items that may be considered weapons are forbidden. Anyone found to be in possession of such items will be required to leave and the items will be confiscated. Violence and threat of violence will not be tolerated within the facility, on the ground, or at events sponsored by the Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition. Parents and/or police will be notified as appropriate.
  • Use of abusive, obscene or profane language, including racial, religious or sexual references directed at others will not be tolerated. Please remember to treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Outside of venue-We encourage all participants to remain inside the building.  If a participant has to leave and return or go outside, it is the participant’s responsibility to notify a staff member. Otherwise, once a participant leaves the event, there is no re-entry.  This includes all entrances and exits of venue.