Hello Cohasset! This is Evelyn Dickey and Maeve Kearney coming to you with an exciting announcement! Going forward, we will have a featured article in Safe Harbor’s bi-weekly newsletters! This provides us an opportunity to highlight the incredible work the members of the Youth Ambassadors program are doing! Once a month, we will also highlight a Youth Ambassador who has shown extraordinary leadership and commitment to our community. Please stay tuned!


Meet The Authors-Evelyn Dickey & Maeve Kearney

Hi Everyone! I’m Evelyn Dickey, a Youth Leader in the Youth Ambassadors program. As a program participant since the beginning of my freshman year 3 years ago, public health and public policy have grown into a huge passion of mine. I currently hold a seat on the Massachusetts State Department’s Statewide Leadership Team-a group of about 18 high schoolers from across the state, with focus on youth tobacco prevention and racial health equity. As an advocate, I lead a subcommittee devoted to mental health awareness and education in the Youth Ambassadors program. In December, we plan to focus on mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Please keep a look-out for ways to get involved soon! Through my experiences with Safe Harbor, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in discussions with our local, state and federal legislators about the e-cigarette epidemic, as well as student mental health. After high school, I hope to pursue higher education in the public policy and political science sectors. 

Greetings Cohasset! My name is Maeve Kearney, and I am a Youth Leader in the Youth Ambassadors program. I joined the program during my freshman year at Cohasset High School, and became a Youth Leader last year. I also enjoy participating in track and playing soccer with my teammates at CHS. Now in my senior year at Cohasset High School, I am proud to chair the Athletes Committed subcommittee. This subcommittee involves a group of Ambassadors focused on encouraging mental health and wellness for sports teams at CHS. Another way I participate is to represent Youth Ambassadors through social media posts on Safe Harbor’s Instagram page and Facebook stories, as a way to showcase Youth Ambassadors community service. One of my favorite topics to highlight is environmental awareness. At CHS, I am a member of the Green Team, promoting spreading climate awareness. I am appreciative of the unique opportunities including working with local representatives, and attending a National leadership conference, that participating in the Youth Ambassadors program has provided me. Through this inspiration, I look forward to pursuing higher education in public health after high school, hopefully someplace warm!After high school, I hope to pursue higher education in the public policy and political science sectors.