2019 National Red Ribbon Week took place this year from OCTOBER 23-31, 2019.

Safe Harbor Youth Ambassadors partnered up with Ron Ford’s Freshman Wellness Class to bring Red Ribbon Week awareness to Cohasset Middle School and Cohasset High School this year. Ambassadors created ribbons and encouraged peers sign pledges at lunch to live a substance free life while Mr. Ford’s class created Instagram posts and flyers that were hung throughout the school.

Youth Ambassadors brought Red Ribbon Week awareness to Deer Hill 5th graders! Eighth graders, Casey Nichols, Bella Kearney, Calvin Spear, and Noah McDowall presented on the benefits of adopting healthy habits and the harms of taking medicine that isn’t yours or given to you by a trusted adult. They then, with fellow high school ambassadors Kira Jamieson, Amanda Sile, Morgan Sile, Jake Fox, Evelyn Dickey, and Tess Cassel, rotated 5th graders around to 3 different awareness craft stations including encouraging chalk words, all hands-in, and “say yes to” red ribbon wall. A massive BRAVO to this hard working crew of ambassadors!!