Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition is a grant funded program of Safe Harbor Cohasset a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and is strategically guided by a 9 member steering committee. The comprehensive coalition includes senior leadership from the school department, representatives from local law enforcement, fire department, town government, members of the faith, the medical and recovery communities, mental health professionals and parents.

Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition Steering Committee Members

Annemarie Whilton, Chair
Peter Pescatore, Treasurer
Karyn Elliger, Interim Recording Secretary
Greg Taylor, School Resource Officer, Cohasset PD
Patrick Sullivan, Ph.D.
Kevin McCarthy, Esq.
Margaret Curley
Ron Menard

A Letter From Our Chair, Annemarie Whilton

I am pleased to accept the Chairmanship of Cohasset’s Safe Harbor Steering Committee.  It is hard to imagine volunteering for a more worthwhile organization.  Keeping our local youth mentally strong and drug free is of paramount importance.  For too long such efforts have been shrouded in secrecy.  Safe Harbor is here to help our community address both diseases, and, even more importantly, invest in preventive efforts.   We are here for you!  

I come to the position after having served on the Steering Committee for the last three years.  I was invited by Christine Murphy, our founder, after she heard me speaking on NPR about my teenage daughter’s struggles. She called me up and said “I can’t believe you live right around the corner!”  She had not heard of me, and I had not heard of her.  This should not be the case.  We should be a united well-informed front.  Chris Murphy created Safe Harbor to be that front. 

Hopefully I will serve the chairmanship well.  I come to the organization with a variety of experience.  I am a private school teacher who works with youth.  I have first hand experience trying to access care in its many forms (private insurance, public insurance, recovery schools, rehabs, detoxs, CSS/TSS, psychiatric facilities/care, section 12s, section 35s, medication use and non-use, parent groups, CRAFT training, to name a few.)  In addition I have advocated for this population in many public forums.  I write a personal blog, I am a member of a recovery storytelling troupe, I have interviewed on national radio, local radio, and have served on several south shore drug panels.  

And, of course, I have worked with Safe Harbor Cohasset.  I am honored to continue working for my community.

Past Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition Steering Committee Members

Christine Murphy (Co-Chair & Co-Founder)
Marita Carpenter (Chair & Co-Founder)
Jessica Fitzpatrick (Co-Chair)
Kevin Leary
Abby Greer
John St. Ives (School Resource Officer, Cohasset PD)


Christine Murphy, Co-Founder & Former Chair

A Cohasset resident for 40 years, Christine Murphy built a $300M international sales business for Xerox. Christine’s passion, constant drive and personal goal setting add extra dimensions to any challenge she seeks to undertake. Throughout her 38-year career, Christine devoted time to the community, serving on the board and then as the Vice President of the South Shore Community Center and as the coordinator for Xerox Community Involvement Program. She also served as an executive mentor with the Babson Women’s Entrepreneurial Network.  Since 2012, Murphy has been an active member of the Social Service League of Cohasset, serving first as the Treasurer and as President for the past two years. In 2014, under the auspices of the Social Service League, Murphy co-founded and still serves as the Chair of the Safe Harbor Cohasset Prevention Coalition which was awarded a $625,000 federal grant while under her leadership.



Christine Murphy and Representative Joan Meschino in June 2018. Christine Murphy, was recognized as the Commonwealth of MA “Unsung Heroine”.  Please CLICK HERE to continue to an article about this award.