This free and confidential service is offered to Cohasset residents who may have a family member/friend/themselves struggling or on the cusp of struggling who just need to talk with someone who has gone through this before, and can help offer guidance.

Annemarie Whilton is a local mother who can offer advice, provide support and offer valuable resources. It’s one thing to call a number on the back of your insurance card – but it is another thing to meet someone for coffee, learn from their experience, ask direct questions and get honest feedback. Annemarie has experience navigating the often complicated world of addiction for the past ten years.

How to Contact our Parent Advisor

All contact with Annemarie is free & confidential. For initial contact, please email Annemarie at You will receive a reply within 24 hours via email, text or phone. Please provide your preference for a response in your email.

To learn more about Annemarie, please CLICK HERE.