Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition is currently looking for a qualified applicant to fill the following position


We are seeking an Evaluator, who has experience working with coalitions, or similar organizations, who can perform process and output evaluations for Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition.  Applicant should be comfortable with qualitative and quantitative data,  have excellent personalcommunication, organization and coordination skills, ability to use and has access to statistical software packages,  can educate personnel about designing and conducting evaluations, and practices appropriate data management.

If Interested, please email your resume along with a 1-2 page description of your relevant evaluation experience as it relates to EACH element of the Strategic Prevention Framework (as outlined below) to

Nicole Garrity, Program Director 

Element Definition
ASSESS Assess and identify priority substance abuse issues, other substance-related problems, underlying causal conditions (e.g., risk and protective factors), community readiness for change, and substance abuse prevention resources.
MOBILIZE/BUILD CAPACITY Identify and mobilize additional key stakeholders, collaborators and opinion leaders to build capacity and assess readiness to plan and ultimately implement data driven, evidence-based substance abuse prevention plans.
PLAN Develop data-driven, evidence-based substance abuse prevention plans to address priority substance abuse issues.
IMPLEMENT Implement a data-driven, evidence-based substance abuse prevention plan to achieve desired substance abuse prevention goals, objectives and outcomes.
EVALUATE Monitor, continuously improve and evaluate effectiveness of the substance abuse prevention plan, and progress toward identified outcomes.
SUSTAINABILITY* The ability to maintain the human, social and material resources needed to achieve the coalition’s long-term goals.
CULTURAL COMPETENCE* A set of behaviors, attitudes and policies that come together in a system, agency or program or among individuals, enabling them to function effectively in diverse cultural interactions and similarities within, among and between groups.”

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