The truth is it can indeed mean trouble, especially for young people.

Sushrut Jangi (Beth Israel Deaconess) authored this perspective on potential medical dangers of marijuana. Sharon Levy (Boston Children’s), Jodi Gilman (Mass General) and Jonathan Long (Dana-Farber) are quoted. – Harvard Medical School News

By Dr. Sushrut Jangi OCTOBER 08, 2015 Boston Globe
These days, it’s become fairly square to criticize marijuana and its rush toward legalization. Twenty-three states have condoned the drug in some form, with four permitting recreational use, and Massachusetts is set to vote on permitting it next year. The proposed federal CARERS Act of 2015 would let states legalize medical marijuana without federal interference and demote pot from a Schedule I drug — one with high abuse potential — to Schedule II. The path toward nationwide decriminalization is looking unobstructed.

But underscoring the incredible momentum to legalize marijuana is the misconception that the drug can’t hurt anybody. It can, especially young people.

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