Cohasset’s 2020 National Prevention Week Challenge Participants

Since July 2014, Safe Harbor Cohasset has been working to promote awareness and implement resources to help make an impact on the substance abuse in our community. Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition is a grant funded program of Safe Harbor Cohasset, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and is strategically guided by a 9 member steering committee.  The comprehensive coalition includes senior leadership from the school department, representatives from local law enforcement, fire department, town government, members of the faith, the medical, and recovery communities, mental health professionals and parents.

Safe Harbor’s mission is to foster a strong and inclusive community that encourages healthy, educated and responsible choices about drug and alcohol use by promoting communication and collaboration designed to meet the unique needs of Cohasset families.

We recognize that our youth need positive role models who are invested in their success. People who truly care and will work with them to strengthen their own unique character, will ultimately have the greatest impact. You may just be the person to make such a difference!

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